A Desire for Design

People are amazing.

We have a knack for learning and adapting to our environment to best suit or needs and desires. Within a society this will often take the shape of copying someone (or an organization) whom has done something we like. Other times we see results (“wow I want a house like that”) and will figure out how to achieve a result that is similar, but probably speaks more to us individually.

Recently there seems to be a massive shift towards good design in products and on the internet. This abundance of good design causes people to gripe when a product, application or website has bad design (or very little design at all). Often times this we complain about it in the context of the joke ‘first world problems’, but deep down we desire it to be ‘fixed’.

These expectations have been creeping into our society over the last decade or so largely thanks to companies like Apple, Dyson, many car manufacturers, and legions of web developers making beautiful and easy to use websites.

Yes, design has been around much longer than that, but recently design has been ‘accessible’ to the common man. Not everyone has Bauhaus influenced homes, or furniture, but many people have iPhones. Infact much of high design is far too sophisticated for everyday applications (similar to why most people don’t listen to Classical music all day every day), but these emerging products and web sites have pulled design to the masses; and we love it.

This desire for design is causing people to not only be more conscious of design, but also more conscious of it when creating something; as a society we are becoming better at design. Largely this is due to the fact that internally we want more good design in our lives, and often times it comes down to us to make it happen.

A shift like this within a culture also brings a new demand for the skill throughout the workplace. We have started to see this in the huge growth of the web design field; I expect this to continue to grow and into more industries similar to the way software has worked it’s way into everything.

Design will probably also manifest itself in places that we might not expect due to design oriented folks forging the way. Think of that guy in a small non-tech company that kind of knows about technology and applies it because the company has a need for it’s application but not enough of a need to hire someone full-time to do just that.

Good design is here and it’s here to stay thanks to some great designers that recently brought it to us like the Beatles and their peers brought music in the middle of the 20th century. It will only expand and grow as more people begin to embrace it so you better get on board and join the party.

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