Extra Life 2012

For the past three years I have participated in the charity event Extra Life, which has it’s volunteers play video games for 24 hours straight.

In 2010 with 3 friends we played all of the Halo games in chronological order of the stories; Halo Reach, Halo 1, Halo 2, Halo ODST, Halo 3.  This was a lot of fun, although we had forgotten how long and difficult Halo 2 was.  Believe it or not, even when playing video games, you can drain energy at a faster rate when overly challenged.

The following year I decided to play two games from one of my favorite series, Uncharted, in anticipation of the third release in November of 2011.  This was a lot of fun even thought I was playing alone, however my friends and I setup a public Google Plus Hangout to be able to talk to one another.  We encouraged friends, family, and donors to the cause to login and say hello during the event.  Since I had played these two games recently I was able to achieve defeating both games in 18 hours; this made the remaining 6 hours quite tedious and even boring.  I decided to never let this happen again.

In 2012 I discovered the Assassin’s Creed series and became obsessed.  First I started with Assassin’s Creed II having heard that the first one was barely worth the time.  After having played it I decided I HAD to play Brotherhood and Revelations for Extra Life.  This would achieve to goals: it was unlikely I would be able to beat both in less than 24 hours, and it would get me prepared for the release of Assassin’s Creed III in November.

While playing these games was a lot of fun, in retrospect I shouldn’t play new games during Extra Life.  Both games were such a blur that I barely got to enjoy them and I don’t remember them very well.  It was however still a blast.

Next year’s games are still undecided, but whatever I choose I hope you will participate with me, either by playing, donating, or even just cheering us on!


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