Jack White Concert

This past Friday ( September 28th 2012 ), I attended Jack White’s concert at the Agganis Arena at Boston University’s campus on Commonwealth ave in Boston.

The venue had a great environment and feel to it, very intimate and informal for an arena. The crowd was also very young and energetic due to being in Boston’s college district. All this combined with Jack White’s energy and drive made for a great concert experience.

Jack White and his band came on stage with a roar. The drummer was playing a really interesting beat at a very high intensity then the rest of the players joined in to create a ferocious sound, and Jack White was playing his guitar such that my friend turned to me and asked if someone was screaming into the microphone; it was Jack White and his Whammy pedal. This was one of the best concert openings I have ever experienced.

Following the opening the band went into a couple of Jack’s heavier songs pulling from his White Stripes library. Then they got into a groove playing more low key songs from the Blunderbuss album while mixing in a few White Stripes songs that had been reworked to be playable in the lighter style of the song from Blunderbuss.

The main downside of the show was that the Arena’s sound wasn’t quite as good as one would have liked, however it is not the worst sounding Arena I have been to. This didn’t destroy the experience but certainly dampened it for me.

This was a very enjoyable show (despite the debacle that took place in New York the following night), though I do wish the sound at Agganis was better.

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