Rush Concert Clockwork Angels Tour 2012

Long ago when i ordered tickets to see rush at Boston’s TD garden i was apprehensive about the venue because the acoustics in large stadiums are typically not very good if you are very particular about sound. I however had no choice because the only other venue local to me was Manchester NH’s Verizon Center where i saw my first rush show; the acoustics were horrific. All in all TD Garden wasn’t too bad.

More importantly the show itself was phenomenal. They played for over 3 hours, the last half of which was at a ferocious pace. They even had a a string ensemble playing along during the last half of the show to accompany Rush. The most welcome change was the set list; recently the set lists are chock full front to back of their huge hits (Limelight, Spirit of the Radio, Red Barchetta, the whole lot), but this time around they played lots of their lesser played classics that are very popular among their biggest fans.

One would think that with 6 tours and 2 albums over the last 6 years that their shows would start to get stale and repetitive, but they prove that they can remain relevant even without developing a plethora of new music, but instead digging into their library of over 100 tracks to keep each tour sound new.

Long live Rush for many more years to come.


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